Beggar Free Scheme Homeless in Maharashtra

Beggar free scheme Homeless in Maharashtra to get vocational training

Beggar Free Scheme: Followed by the south state Andhra Pradesh and a town in Kerala, now the Maharashtra state government has taken initiatives to reduce the amount of beggars roaming around the city. With the focused vision, the state government has introduced the Beggar Free Scheme to reduce the beggars and to convert them as productive manpower by providing necessary vocational training.

Launch Details for Beggar Free Scheme

On 11th of February 2018, group of self motivated individuals along with the charity commission and government has introduced this beggar free scheme. Well, the scheme will be implemented in next few weeks where the chosen 70 thousand beggars from the Maharashtra state will be given training in various skill development programs.

At the event, the official of WCD department Mr. Pravin Bhaskar has quoted that, homeless people needs to get motivated by the experts before getting them into the training programs. Else they may easily gets quit and return to the streets of the state.

Key Features of Beggar Free Scheme

  • Under this special scheme, the homeless people who are all roaming around the city without proper food, clothes will be given vocational training by the NGO members with the intention of increasing the production workforce of the state.
  • Well, the chosen members will be trained to get themselves engaged in the small-scale industries, or as into the professions like security service provider, tailoring service provider, medical caretakers and so.
  • The pioneer social welfare scheme involves the state police department along with the Women and Child Development department as vital partners on identifying the homeless people in the state.
  • It is estimated that the innovative project will start initially with the lower amount of beggars somewhat like 20,000. While after witnessing the progress the numbers will be increased further.
  • If the picked persons are minors, they will be set to carry their educational programs under the governance of WCD department or any other NGO groups cited in the cities until they complete their educational courses.

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