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Cowin International Travel Certificate: Indian nationals going overseas will now be able to see their complete date of birth mentioned on their CoWin Vaccine International Travel Certificate. The traveler’s date of birth will be in accordance with the WHO’s (World Health Organization’s) standard format, as individuals who have received both doses of COVID-19 vaccine and intend to travel to other countries will have a CoWin vaccination certificate with their complete DOB (date of birth) available. Though many western countries have already started to administer Booster dose of Covid-19 Vaccine, India is yet to come out with a clear policy. Naturally, it is not mandatory as of now to get booster doses for international travel for Indian Citizens.

The date of birth on the cowin international travel certificate will be in the format “yyyy-mm-dd” (Year-Month-Day), in accordance with the World Health Organization’s regulations for foreign travellers.

Cowin Certificate of International Travel

As the globe gradually opens up to commerce and tourism, countries are working feverishly to guarantee that foreign passengers have a stress-free experience. For overseas travellers, this new feature and date of birth format will be “yyyy-mm-dd,” in accordance with WHO guidelines.

Each traveller heading overseas will need to provide the same information as their passport’s date of birth in order to update their vaccination certificate in CoWin and download a new certificate. At the moment, just the year of birth is gathered, which is used to determine a person’s age on their certificate.

The United Kingdom revised its COVID-19 vaccination list on 22 September 2021 to add the AstraZeneca vaccine manufactured in India. The United Kingdom was compelled to provide this clearance as a result of India’s intense lobbying.

International Travel Certificate for Covid 19 Vaccine

There has been a big change to the Cowin international travel certificate, as people who have received both doses of corona vaccine and choose to go abroad will now have their entire date of birth included on their corona vaccination certificates. It will be in the year-month-day format (yyyy-mm-dd) and conform to World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for international visitors.

However, Indian tourists who receive both doses of covishield will still be required to stay in isolation in the UK for ten days. Following the addition of covishield to the list, the UK confirmed that the vaccine’s inclusion will have no impact on the restrictions governing Indian tourists.

Download the Cowin International Travel Certificate at

International Travel Certificate for Cowin Vaccination 2021 Recent Changes

Covid-19’s mayhem Corona virus in India was a source of concern for everyone, and in such a case, those wishing to travel overseas were unable to do so owing to the epidemic’s spread. Anyone who has gotten both shots of the covid 19 vaccination and intend to travel abroad will now obtain a vaccine certificate with their entire date of birth via the cowin app.

Previously, this certificate was issued only on the basis of the recipient’s birth year; however, this function has now been activated on the cowin website.

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Covid-19 Vaccines for Children 2021 International Travel Certificate Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who will receive this new travel certificate?
Answer: According to representatives from the National Health Authority and cowin, the WHO covid19 Vaccination Certificate form includes an optional ‘Date of Birth’ entry. Cowin collects just the beneficiary’s birth year as indicated on the immunisation certificate. This new feature of Cowin will be available solely to overseas travellers.

Question: What are the requirements for obtaining an international travel certificate from Cowin?
Answer: Vaccine certificates include the following information: name and surname, date of birth, vaccine brand and manufacturer, date of vaccination for each dose, vaccination country or area, and/or certificate issuer. If the traveler’s paperwork from a public health agency does not include all of these, the traveller must adhere to the non-vaccination regulations; otherwise, the tourist may be rejected.

Question: Why has the Cowin international travel certificate been updated?
Answer: This new structure was implemented in accordance with World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines and is currently operational. According to official news, cowin has introduced a new feature that allows those who have gotten both doses of the covid19 vaccination and wish to travel overseas to have their entire date of birth included on their immunisation certificates.

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