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DOP India Post Login (डीओपी एजेंट लॉग इन इंडिया पोस्ट)

A new web portal has been created by the Indian Post Department. This is exclusively for the DOP agents to aid the process of India post agent login. The official Indian Post DOP agent login portal is This particular link can be used by all Indian Postal Agents for logging in to the DOP India post agent online page. Read the steps below to get a brief summary of the steps to be followed for logging in.

Summary of DOP India Post Agent Login Process

Name of DepartmentDOP (Department of Post), Government of India
Official portal link
Name of the AppDOP Agent App
Article NameDOP Post Agent login
Article categoryGovernment of India scheme
PLI Agent login link

How to Use DOP Agent Login Portal For The First Time?

India Post Agent login portal
  • First, open the India post DOP official website at
  • Here, the agents are required to enter their respective agent IDs and passwords.
  • After doing that, they must click the login button.
  • Initially the portal will ask the user to change the password as was issued by the DOP.
  • Hence the DOP agent must change the password for making future uses more safe and secure.

About India Post Agent and DOP

History of India Post and DOP

DOP, short for Department of the Post, is the country’s main postal system known popularly by the name of India post. In India, it was widely known as the post office, and it was established by Lord William Bentinck’s 1837 statute. It officially commenced its journey in 1854 by Lord Dalhousie under the Ministry of communication.

Lord Dalhousie was also responsible for the formulation of India Post office act 1854 which governed the functioning of the department for long. He implemented standardised mail prices (universal service) which is the basis of the contemporary postal services in India. .

With its 155,015 post offices, 23 circle offices,  and 433,417 customers (as of March 2017), Department of Post aka Indian Post is the world’s most broadly spread postal network.

Who Are The DOP India Post Agents?

A postal agent is basically a person who acts as an intermediate between the postal department of the country and it’s investors. By the rules, any person who is a citizen of India can become a postal agent, and that particular citizen must follow the required process beforehand.  The DOP employs thousands of employees who also benefit from the commission and rewards that are provided by the department.

These DOP India Post agents, who operate independently for the department in varied capacities, are employed by the Department of Post, Government of India to carry out several of its functions. The duty of a post office agent includes aiding the public at large by way of helping in booking mail, collecting and selling third party products like insurance premiums, selling Postal Bond Fixed Deposits, etc. Apart from these jobs, post office agents carry out all types of monetary transactions including deposits and securing new policies.

According to official reports, India has 1,55,015 post offices all over the country which is the maximum number of post offices in any country. 

How to Become a DOP India Post Agent?

To become a post office agent, you don’t need to sail through any difficult procedure. You need to decide what services you are aiming to render and the associated prerequisites for the same.

In this post, we’ll go through the various agent roles available at the DoP, as well as what you need to do to get employed as a DoP agent. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

There are three kinds of “DOP Agent Types” presently, which are:

  • SAS or (Standard Agent System)
  • MPKBY (Mahila Pradhan Kshetriya Bachat Yojna agent)
  • PPF (Public Provident Fund PPF)

Various kinds of agents operate under the DoP and these responsibilities requires one to be in charge of specific tasks. There are requirements that candidates must meet in order to become agents, and after that is completed, agents may commence their work under the capacity of DOP agent.

How to Become DOP Agents Under SAS or Standard Agent System

The government originally implemented the Standardised Agency System (SAS) in 1960. The purpose of the designated agents is to solicit for the sale of certain National Savings Schemes. A standard agency system agent, also known as an SAS agent, is responsible for marketing the sales of  TD/MIS/KVP/ NSC/DSRGE, among other items. SAS agents serve as a connection between the investors, The Post Offices and the District Institutional Finance offices. SAS agents provide services to investors at their homes.
Except for DSRGE, all collections done by agents under the above listed schemes result in commission (subject to revision by the government), which the agents are required to collect from the corresponding post office/bank branch.

Agents are paid a commission on the collections that they manage to complete. They can encash their commissions at local post office or bank branch.

The DC (District Collector) is in charge of appointing SAS Agents. BDOs/Tehsildars are also authorized as appointing officials under SAS in some states.

How to Become DOP Agents Under MPKBY (Mahila Pradhan Kshetriya Bachat Yojna)

The agency scheme of the Mahila Pradhan Kshetriya Bachat Yojna was initially implemented by the government in 1972. The government’s purpose in introducing it was:

  • The purpose of this scheme was to introduce housewives to the idea of family budgeting.
  • But with that, it also aimed to instil the mentality of thrift in the home and self-employed persons.
  • The government hoped that by doing so, it would be able to solicit and ensure investments in the 5 Years Recurring Deposit Accounts (under national savings) from micro savers.
  • Also, one of the objectives of this scheme was to produce funds for the country’s financial development and defence.

Following the inception, the agency’s principal purpose is to solicit and collect investment in the 5 year Recurring Deposit Account (under National Savings Scheme).

A MPKBY (Mahila Pradhan Kshetriya Bachat Yojna) agent’s purpose is to promote recurrent deposits (RDs) while acting as a connection between the investors, the post offices and the District Institutional Finance Offices. The key competency of the agents is to recruit and manage investors while adhering to all of the regulating agencies’ laws and regulations.

How to Become DOP Agents Under PPF (Public Provident Fund) Scheme

The government established the public provident fund plan, or PPF, in 1968 to simplify small investments by providing adequate returns. Because of its flexibility, it is a popular plan among investors, and PPF agents (agents under PPF scheme) have a large number of clients who seek their assistance with their investments.

A Public Provident Fund Agent’s job is to promote the PPF plan to the best of their ability while also working as a link between the investors, the post offices and the District Institutional Finance Offices. PPF agents provide comprehensive service to investors, handling all deposits and interactions with the post office as well as the district institutional finance office on their behalf.

Those interested in becoming a PPF agent can learn about the commission rates and other perks at their local post office, district institutional finance office or local SBI branch.

Here is a List of Services Provided by DoP in India:

  1. Delivers mail to all parts of India
  2. Accepts big and small deposits from small saving schemes.
  3. Dispatches money by money order services
  4. Provides PLI i.e. life insurance and also rural life insurance (RPL)
  5. Provides general retail services like bill collections and the sale of forms
  6. Helps the government in dispatching pension payments to the eligible citizens

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India Post Agent Login Portal Activity Performance

  1. All postal agents will have access to the DOP portal on the web, where the portal will provide information about all customer accounts.
  2. The DOP agent first has to seek authority from the investors. After doing that, the DOP agent can access all transactions of the investor accounts.
  3. In the online portal, after the transaction of the investor’s accounts is done, the DOP agent should prepare a different list for cash payments, both DOP as well as no-DOP cheques.
  4. The DoP(Department of Postal) agents will receive a special reward or commission through the online portal for their services. It is required that all official transactions between the postal department and the investor be done via online mode only.
  5. There are four types of postal agents engaged by the Indian Postal Department online. First type are the SAS Agents (Standard Agent System). The second type is the PLI India Post Agent. Third type are the PPF agents and the fourth type are the Mahila Pradhan Kshatriya Bachant (MPKBY) agents.

Detailed Login Process for India Post Agent 2021:

  1. Open the official portal for postal agents at in your browser.
  2. Enter your username, password. Click the login button.
  3. The portal will immediately request you to change your password for keeping your account safe as the head department had offered the first password.
  4. Enter a suitable password which you will be able to easily recall.
  5. Click on the accounts tab and select the agent to be inquired.
  6. Update the screen.
  7. You’ll be shown all accounts attached to that particular agent.
  8. Select payment mode- cash/cheque or non-cheque.
  9. From the list that will be displayed, please select the number of account numbers you are paying.
  10.  Select all the accounts in descending order. Now click ‘save the details’. The account has a 10000 limit for cash but no limit for cheque.
  11.  For using cash mode one, select the account number, then write the amount, then click get rebate and default. The rebate and default will be displayed. Now enter the ASLAAS number of the customer and click save.
  12.  The DO agent will need to enter the amount of installments, cheque number and the account number for the RD installment for non-DOP cheques. Then enter the ALSAAS number and save the details.
  13. A success message will be displayed on the screen. Then, click on pay all modified installments where a reference number will be generated with C for cash, DC for DoP cheque and NDC for a non-DoP cheque.
  14. Click on the report key in the reference number then click on status as success. Press the search button and then the  OK button.
  15. A pdf file will display on the screen, take at least two copies of that for reference and then submit it at the counter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Where can a DOP agent login?

Ans. All DOP agents in India can login at

Q2. Is there a limit for cheque payment in DOP login portal?

Ans. No, there is no limit for cheque payment.

Q3. What is the limit for cash payment?

Ans. There is a limit of 10000 for cash payment.

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