Tamil Nadu State Co-operative Bank (TNSC) Net Banking Login, Customer Care Number, Email ID, IFSC Code

Tamil Nadu State Co-operative Bank Net Banking, Customer Care, e-mail and Contact Details: The digital world is progressing rapidly. Every domain is implementing technology to the best of their abilities. So is the field of banking. If you are not very confident about net banking, here is an article to guide you through all the process. By the end of this article, you will easily be able to do transactions at the comfort of your home. We have added a direct link to the net banking login page of Tamil Nadu State Co-operative Bank (TNSC) at the end of this article.

Now, before we jump into net banking here is a brief introduction about the bank.

Tamil Nadu State Co-operative Bank:

Tamil Nadu State Co-operative bank is one of the major banks in South India. It was established on 23rd November 1905. It is India’s first state cooperative bank. It has a total of 46 branches in Chennai. Government of Tamil Nadu became an avid shareholder of TNSC on 27 March 1957. Tamil Nadu State Co-operative Bank is a very reliable bank with great customer support. The official website link of the bank is: https://www.tnscbank.com/. The banking services can also be accessed on the mobile app of TNSC.

TNSC Net-Banking

With the advent of technology, TNSC is also adapting digitization.

Tamil Nadu State Co-operative Bank (TNSC) Net Banking
Tamil Nadu State Co-operative Bank (TNSC) Net Banking Portal

Activities like sending money, receiving money, checking account balance and so on does not require you to travel to the bank anymore. All these activities can easily be done through net banking.

Here Is A Thorough Guide On Using Net Banking In TNSC

Registration in Mobile Bankin

First of all, you need to have an account in Tamil Nadu State Co-operative Bank to use its net banking features.

  • To create an account, visit your nearest branch.
  • There you will be asked to submit some documents.
  • After the creation of your bank account download the mobile application of TNSC.
  • To login to the app, you need to first create your login credentials.
  • To do that use the app itself or visit your nearest branch.

Banking through TNSC:

The official app of Tamil Nadu State Co-operative Bank can be used for all banking activities.

The official website of TNSC (https://www.tnscbank.com/) can be used as an alternative of the app.

To conduct banking activities in the website, follow the same steps as in the app.

Login with your registered credentials and you’re good to go.

All transactions can be conducted with ease.


IFSC Code is an acronym for Indian Financial System Code. This is a very important code as without this you can’t transfer money from your account. It is very important to enter IFSC Code very carefully. If the IFSC Code differs then your money may transfer to some other account.

For Tamil Nadu State Co-operative bank, the IFSC code is TNSC0000001. This IFSC code is only for the Head Office branch in Chennai. Different branches have different IFSC Codes.

Here is an interesting fact about IFSC Code. The IFSC code has a fixed pattern. In the IFSC Code the first four letters ‘TNSC’ represent the name of the bank, fifth character is 0 (reserved for future purposes) and the last six characters imply the respective branch code of the bank.

Tamil Nadu State Co-operative Bank (TNSC) IFSC
Tamil Nadu State Co-operative Bank (TNSC) Headquarter IFSC

Customer Care and Email of TNSC

This is a very important area to focus on. There will be number of times you may face some problems regarding your account details or transactions so the customer care is your go to place.

The customer care will help your through your problems and make corrections if there I some errors from their end.

To reach to the customer care of TNSC you can call them on 2530 2354.

You can also contact them via email, their email address is [email protected]

There is also another very popular and fast way of conveying your problems or experience in general and that is by the use of social media.

You can post your doubts or query tagging the official page of TNSC. On social media both common people as well as the officials of TNSC can help you.

Tamil Nadu State Co-operative Bank (TNSC) Customer Care
Tamil Nadu State Co-operative Bank (TNSC) Customer Care

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How to securely use TNSC Net-Banking of the Bank:

You may now think that you are well equipped with the knowledge to begin your net banking experience, but wait here’s something you should pay attention to. It is true that with technology, banking has been easier but so are online frauds. As of the year 2021, there has been a total of 7400 bank frauds that are reported. Here are few measures you can practice to stay safe from these scams:

Tamil Nadu State Co-operative Bank (TNSC) Secure Banking
  • Always enable two factor authentication so that even if there has been an attempt of fraud, it cannot be executed successfully.
  • Do not reply any emails or messages that claim to belong from the bank without verifying their original source.
  • You should never share your banking details such as account credentials or OTPs (One Time Passwords) with anyone.
  • Never login to your banking sites on public computers.
  • It is always recommended to install antivirus in your device before using banking sites so that any kind of trackers can be blocked.

Now considering that somehow there has been a breach in your account and you have been scammed, contact Tamil Nadu State Co-operative bank immediately. Block all your cards and transactions so that further loss can be avoided. TNSC will track and recover your losses as far as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: For what purposes can the net banking feature of TNSC bank be used?

A: You can use TNSC net banking for carrying out all types of transactions and other banking services

Q: Can recharges and bill payments be done through net banking?

A: Yes, TNSC net banking provides you the facility of recharging your mobile phones and paying your

     daily household bills.

Q: Is net banking via TNSC secure?

A:  The banking systems at TNSC are very secure, every transaction attempt sends alerts to your 

     registered account and will not be successful unless you verify it.

Q: Is it necessary to have a mobile for TNSC bank login?

A: It depends from situation to situation, you can login with the help of OTP.

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