Karnataka Kayaka Yojana (ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ ಕಾಯಕ ಯೋಜನೆ) Loan Scheme Apply Online, Eligibility & Benefits

Karnataka Kayaka Yojana Scheme – Eligibility Criteria, Online Application Form

Karnataka Kayaka Yojana: The Chief Minister of Karnataka instigated a loan scheme for women in the State (Self-Help Groups). The State Government provides a loan (0% Interest) upto a sum of INR 10 Lakhs to the Self Help Groups from the cooperative banks. Declared by the Chief Minister in the state budget 2018-19 aims to empower women in the State to generate more job opportunities through the Karnataka Kayaka Yojana. This Yojana is a part of a social security scheme with many others initiated by the State Government to develop the skills and entrepreneurs.

SchemeKarnataka Kayaka Yojana
AuthorityThe Govt. Of Karnataka
BenefitsZero interest on loan of 5 Lakhs
IntentTo empower women
Launched onJanuary 2021
Article Category Karnataka Schemes

What is the Objective of Karnataka Kayaka Scheme

The “Karnataka Kayaka Scheme” is a very good step towards promoting women empowerment and creating job opportunities and the main objective of the schemes

  • The Kayaka Yojana aims to promote and empower women and self-help groups.
  • The Yojana provides financial assistance and increases the chances of developing their financial status.
  • The Yojana aims to create self- empowerment  and employment towards women.
  • The Yojana enhances the Self-Help groups and supports them.
  • The Yojana promotes the influence of women on entrepreneurship.
  • The Karnataka Kayaka Yojana Scheme aims to ease the procedure for loan availment as the banks don’t often trust these Self-Help Groups. This attitude will be changed upon the implications of this scheme.

Summarizing the Karnataka Kayaka Scheme

The Chief Minister of Karnataka has stated about a new policy that would be beneficial for women in many ways. The Yojana provides loans to Self Help Groups with no interest applicable. The loan amount can go upto a sum of INR 5 Lakhs with a 0% interest and the women that avail a loan of a sum of INR 10 Lakhs with an interest rate of four percent. The Karnataka Kayaka Scheme aspires to elevate the financial and trade conditions in the State of Karnataka.

Karnataka Kayaka Scheme
Karnataka Kayaka Scheme

What are the eligibility standards for the Karnataka Kayaka Yojana?

To be eligible for the Karnataka Kayaka Scheme one must first be a woman as the scheme is gender specific. The woman must be a citizen of the State of Karnataka i.e holding a domicile. The woman that works in a higher post or owns a Self-Help Groups and the SHGs located within the vicinity or the state borders with a monthly family income that should not exceed the amount threshold of INR 20,000 Rupees are eligible.

What are the required documents to for the “ Karnataka Kayaka Yojana ?”

The documents that a person needs to submit in order to get entitled to this scheme are as follows:

  • The expectant Residential Certificate that verifies their nationality.
  • Government Identity proof i.e documents.
  • Details of their Bank accounts.
  • A signature of the expectant and passport sized photos.

What are the merits of the Karnataka Kayaka Yojana?

The benefits that come with the Karnataka Kayaka Yojana are that, firstly these loans can be easily obtained by women. Upon the application of loan of the sum of INR 5 Lakh there will be no rate of interest i.e it is free of any kind of rate of interest and there is a low-interest rate of about 4% on availing the loan of a sum that amounts to a sum of INR 5 Lakhs to INR 10 Lakhs.

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The loan amount should be a minimum of INR One Lakh and maximum of Ten Lakhs. This Yojana has the potential to instigate and provide a steady source of capital and income for the applied candidates.

What are the main highlights of the Karnataka Kayaka Yojana?

The main features and highlights of the Karnataka Kayaka Yojana are as follows:

  • The Karnataka Kayaka Yojana supports the Self-Help Groups that are located inside borders of the state. The Self-Help Groups then utilise the funds to help and train the people and therefore increase their skills hence developing better human resources and improving the entrepreneurial skills among the citizens.
  • Self-Help Groups, upon implementation of the Karnataka Kayaka Yojana can easily avail and receive loans  from the banks and enhance and support their activities ensuring their activities for the improvement of skill development.

How can we apply for the Karnataka Kayaka Yojana ?

An online portal has been in progress to set up ensuring an ease of access so any woman incharge or someone who authorizes a self-help group of any sort can apply for the Karnataka Kayaka Yojana sahakara.kar.gov.in. Upon being established we will prompt you regarding the same.

The State Government has already notified and sent an impromptu to all the self-help organisations and possible applicants about the scheme and they will receive a sort of acknowledgement upon which only the expectants with the given acknowledgement would proceed further in the site for the registration form.

Upon the screen when the form page loads up you will be required to add all your necessary  / mandatory documents and follow the instructions for a successful submission.

 There are not much information circulating around and not much details have been given out or announced, but we can tell that the wait won’t be long enough and we will be informed about the status of the “Karnataka Kayaka Yojana Scheme.”

 Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the minimum loan amount limit for availing the loan ?

The minimum limit is a sum of INR 1 Lakh.

Question: What is the maximum loan amount limit that we can avail from this policy ?

Any woman authorizing a Self help group can readily avail a loan upto a sum of INR 5 Lakhs for 0% interest and a loan of INR 10 Lakhs can be availed with an interest rate of 4%.

Question: When was the Karnataka Kayaka Yojana announced and launched ?

The Karnataka Kayaka Yojana was announced in the month of July 2018. The Karnataka Kayaka was then launched on the month of January 2021.

Question: Who inaugurated the Karnataka Kayaka Yojana ?

It was inaugurated by the Hon’able C.M of Karnataka H.D Kumaraswamy.

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