Goa Special Scheme to Regulate Street Vending Issuing The Vendors With License

Goa Special Scheme to Regulate Street vending issuing the vendors with license

Goa Special Scheme: Today, Street Vending has been one of the main sources of income for many families around the world. With the increasing number of vendors on streets on daily basis the State government of Goa has come up with a scheme to offer protection to them. Under the new scheme the state government aims at offering vendors with protection along with regulating their number on the street. Under the new introduced scheme the street vendors will only be able to set up their stalls in towns and city centers that have been demarcated by the local government authorities.

Implementation Details About Goa Special Scheme

According to the sources the new regulations have been imposed by the state government authorities. The implementation and regulation of the special scheme will be under taken by the Urban Development Department for the Street Vendor scheme 2017.

Goa Special SchemeKey Features

  • Under the new system scheme the government will be issuing the vendors with license for street stalls that will be valid for a particular area or zone. This will be done with an aim to help protect their livelihood and at the same time ease the process of maintaining for the government.
  • The state government has also authorized the vending committee of the town are to help perform a complete survey for each vendor on the street. The committee is expected to compete the process of survey within a period of three months. According to the committee and state government the zones within the city area will be marked as Tertiary, secondary and primary vending zones.
  • The marking of the zones will be done by the vending committee itself depending on a number of factors including facilities provided to the vendors.

The state government has also stated that it shall be providing the street vendors with certifications for identification of the type of business they are carrying out. Apart from this the certificate will also authenticate him and his family members as valid vendors.

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